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Everyone has seen the artist that sets up at the beach and draws the funny pictures of people that look uncannily accurate. These pictures are called caricatures, and this art form is growing in popularity. what many people do not realize is that you can learn to draw great caricatures. You do not have to be a great artist to be able to draw caricatures, though it does help if you are skilled with a pencil. Regardless, caricatures are a fun and interesting way to express your artistic side. Here are some tips and tricks to drawing fantastic caricatures right out of the gate.

1. Remember that a great caricature is all about the model. You can create a wonderful caricature if you study your model carefully. Look for any prominent characteristics or mannerisms that they may exhibit. These are the bread and butter of a great caricature drawing. Take the time to get to know the people’s face and expressions by talking with them and making them laugh. Tell a joke, and watch their expressions.
2. Once you find the couple of features that make a person stand out from the crowd, focus the caricature around those features. You can do this by any number of different methods, but the most common is to make them bigger, smaller, or more defined via thicker lines or strokes of the pencil. Many caricature artists will draw these features before anything else so the picture remains focused on these features.
3. Spend some time considering the way the picture will be laid out on the page. Nothing messes up a caricature (or any drawing) quicker than poor placement on the page. If your caricature illustration is otherwise perfect but off center on the page with no balance, it will still not be considered very good. Take the time to plan the caricature in your mind before transferring your work of art to the page.
4. Get some pencils that vary line thickness and light and dark. This can help you to accentuate certain features easily. These are the caricature artist’s primary ways of showing depth in a picture, and getting the realistic part of the caricature to come through. Supplies can make all the difference in the world in making your caricature a spot on rendition.
5. Most important of all, you should practice. No visual artist gets better without reptition, and caricature artists are no different. Draw caricatures every where you go. Keep a pad with you and practice whenever you get the chance. The more you draw caricatures, the better you will get at conveying the special look that caricatures have. You will also improve at finding that special feature that stands out on each person. Not every model will have Anjelina Jolie’s lips, or John Travolta’s chin. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find that special part of somebody to exploit in your caricature.

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