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How to Draw Caricatures

Drawing caricatures is very easy and a lot of fun. As you can tell, there is no proportion here. Draw how ever you want. Make head look big or small with a big noses and small eyes and bushy eye brow. It doesn't matter. Everything is up to you. Drawing caricatures is what I call showing your imagination. How far can you go. But make sure that who ever you are drawing will be able to identify themselves. Make sure the facial characteristics are the same. When drawing caricature everything just exaggerated. If you exaggerate more it will look more cartoony and if you exaggerate less it will look more realistic. May be trying something in the middle would be perfect.
When you draw one caricature and it's not going to come out just the way you want it, don't give up. Remember that everything comes with practice. The more you will practice the better looking caricatures you will have. As you can see lower, I have posted few examples that you can you to draw caricatures. Everything you need is in there. Enjoy!

How to Draw Caricature

Eye Brows

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